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Our Team

MARTIN CORBO, Founder and President, Coerver® Coaching Montreal

Martin Corbo is an entrepreneur, businessman and lawyer who has worked with large organizations as well as SMEs. He is also a volunteer coach with recreational soccer teams.

Martin’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of soccer teaching in the Province of Quebec and founded Coerver® Coaching Montreal to expose young players to the international soccer teaching methodology of Coerver® Coaching.

ANDRÉ BELTRAN, Directeur technique, Coerver® Coaching Montréal

André Beltran is specialized in soccer specific physical preparation for athletes and holds a baccalaureate in kinesiology from Université de Montréal. He is the founder of PerfoSoccer, which provides physical preparation services for professional and amateur players, as well as to multiple competitive teams. André holds a provincial coach licence (DEP) and has contributed to the development of young players with the St-Léonard soccer club as well as the Bourassa sport-study program.

André has participated in a number of physical preparation and coaching training programs in Europe, most notably with Real Madrid, Espanyol Barcelona, Malaga CF, Villarreal, OGC Nice and Troyes.

His experiences in Europe, mainly in Spain, provided him with a deep knowledge of modern physical preparation as well as the training of young players.